Wednesday, October 7, 2009

About Luca For Dogs

GOT SHEETS? Luca For Dogs brings you designer dog bed sheets that strip off and slip on in seconds! Our idea is simple, but our fabrics are off the "hook" "chain" "collar!" Our beds are made from recycled plastic bottles, and our nylon liners keep your bed protected for years. Check out our beautiful fabrics on our website to see why our beds are simply the best!

A Little History…
When my husband and I adopted our first dog, Sophie, 7 years ago, we dove right into doggy-parenthood. Sophie was frequenting dog parks, sun-basking at the beach, and soaking up all the love and attention a new puppy deserves. While she was enjoying her active lifestyle, her beautiful new dog bed was feeling the effects. No matter how hard we tried to keep her bed clean, it was never fresh for very long, and while most of our dog beds were washable, the bulky covers were difficult to get on and off. I was driven to give Sophie the fresh bed she always deserved, while making my life carefree and easy. The signature feature of Luca For Dogs is having two or three covers to rotate. Our beds are not just about cleanliness and sensibility but style and luxury. Now I am excited to bring all dog lovers my signature line of dog beds and bedding. I can’t live without mine, and believe me you and your best friend won’t be able to live without yours. Enjoy!

Kimi Proffer


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