Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Commitment to Luca For Dogs, and our Loyal Fans (two and four-legged alike)

 I have been thinking a lot since my last post, mostly, about getting back to Luca basics.  I got a little too wrapped up in operations this past year, so I’m feeling a serious itch to awaken my inner Luca!
It’s time to refocus our message, or rewind a little, to remind myself and all of you why this company was started.  2015 is all about spreading the Luca message to one and all!  For all those I’m losing with my visionary rhetoric, here are is what I’m talkin’ about:

1.)    Focus on EASY-WASH, practical bedding, that is both user-friendly for owners, and comfy for pets.   Hello?  This is what Luca beds are all about.  We need to be better at telling the how and why our beds are better than the competition. 

2.)    Share, post, tweet, connect, and communicate with our community of loyal fans, and with all those out there snuggling up and finding the value in our practical bedding.   What do you like, what do we need to improve?   What would you like to see us do next?

3.)      Putting the above into action!  With slow and steady organization, I have big plans for 2015.  Looking forward to bringing our fans on board, and continuing to build on what has only just begun!

We lost our Luca Mascot (Sophie) in 2014 
She inspired every design, and tested every Luca bed on the market today! 
(her final photo shoot, below)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three pups share their Luca beds

Customer reviews are all the craze these days.  Who buys anything without first doing an extensive search to see what people are saying about the product.  As a manufacturer/retailer, we put hours of work into designing our beds, and there is nothing better than hearing your feedback, and of course, seeing the pups on their Luca beds.  

 This month's highlight comes from Diane Enroughty of Richmond, VA. 

"I have three Luca For Dog beds and my dogs love them! Here I am working in my home office ( image below).  For some reason Elka, the German Shepherd, thinks that the small flat crate pad/bed is hers :). Her sister the white Chihuahua  is also in the bed.  They love their beds!"

 Thank you, Diane, for sharing your pups with us.  You have an awesome pack! 
Shoot your dog(s) on their Luca beds, and give us a holler at  We can't wait to see them! 
For more information on the beds featured in the above photos, here are the links: 
Studio Mat (no longer available, but check out our new Crate Cuddlers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lights, Camera, Adopt-Me!

This was quite possibly the most fun day of work ever!   A beautiful setting at The Grove in Los Angeles coupled with the most adorable dogs on Luca beds.    Thank you to Wags and Walks for giving us full reign to showcase your adoptable pups for our winter photoshoot.   Annie Crandell (Moniker Marketing extraordinaire), myself, and my dog-loving daughter, fell in love with each and every one of these pups.   If it weren’t for my elderly four-legged ladies at home, I would have scooped one up for myself. 

I’ve spoken about adoption in the past, but to be there to see people holding, thinking, and planning for a future with a pup in need, is something special.  What is equally as special is the volunteers who spend their day dedicated to finding a home for each and every dog.  We can’t say enough about the spirit of this group from Wags and Walks, all the people involved, and all the pups! 

We are happy to announce that almost all the dogs were adopted at the event. Just one is remaining to find a home, the super friendly, all-loving pit, Anna.  This dog is seriously awesome, not just because I love pits, but she really was the entire package.  Quite possibly the most friendly dog I have ever encountered, and gorgeous, too!


Contact Wags and Walks, or your local adoption organizations, to find your new best friend.

We look forward to continuing to partner with Wags and Walks, and sharing stories and photos.  For upcoming events and how to get involved, visit their website @
All the pictures from our photoshoot will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned! 

Kimi Proffer
Owner, Luca For Dogs

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Overcoming fear, one Pit at a time...

My heart melts every time I see a pit bull.  I can’t help but get a closer look each time I walk past one on the street.   13 years ago, I was terrified of them.  I was actually terrified of most dogs.  I was attacked as a child by a Chow, and later in life working as a Social Worker in South Los Angeles, was no stranger to the Pit Bull breed.  I’m not a fan of fear, so it’s no surprise that 13 years ago I adopted a little pitty named Sophie from the South LA shelter, and later a Chow mix named Louise.  In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month, it is my privilege to share about the breed and dog that taught me how to love animals.  

From being frightened of dogs to adopting the most notorious breed, and then later starting a dog bed company, it does have a bit of a full circle effect.  There are just some dogs that have that effect on you.  Sophie is a play hard, rest even harder kind of a dog, which is how Luca For Dogs was started.   She is the entire reason I had to create dog beds that looked good, cleaned up nicely, and were overstuffed with super soft pillows.  She is Luca For Dogs.  
She could never wait for her bed to be washed.

 Today she is 12, but walks like she’s at least 17.  If she was any other breed, she would not be here with us today.  Two knee surgeries, tons of hard play bumps and bruises, and two dog attacks, have landed her at the vet too many times to remember.  You’ve heard of the “stoic” pit bull attitude, well she has it times ten.  Her will and mental strength, not her muscular body anymore, are what keeps her going.   She is my heart and soul.  I know she came to me for a reason, and that reason was to change people’s attitudes about the breed, and to teach me how to love dogs.   

There is a little pitty waiting to be loved at your local shelter, adoption agency, and rescue.  Find one today and give it all the love you have.  They will give it back tenfold.  

Kimi Proffer
Owner, Luca For Dogs 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chicago English Bulldogs and their Luca story


There is honestly nothing better at Luca Headquarters than hearing stories from our customers.  These two pups are so awesome side by side enjoying their Luca Lounge Beds.  Thank you for sending in your story! 


By Casey Flaherty, Chicago, IL


My husband and I have 2 English Bulldogs, Tater and Stella.  Tater is the oldest, and one day, thanks to him, we discovered Luca beds.  Several years ago we took him to a local dog supply store, he found the Luca beds in the back, got up on his hind legs, put his paws on one, then looked up at us, as if asking for it.  We didn’t buy it that day, but the next time we were back in the same store he did the exact same thing.  We just had to buy it for him.  He loved it so much – it was the first bed he had that we didn’t come home to find destroyed and strewn all across our living room. 



A few years later, we adopted his sister Stella from the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue.  We ordered her a Luca bed before we even met her to welcome her into our home.  Of course we had to get Tater a matching one as well so he wouldn’t feel left out.  They both love the beds so much and sleep in them all the time – we always take them with us when we travel and they sometimes opt to sleep in their Luca beds over our human bed with us! 

Above is a photo a photo of our bullies in their matching beds.  

Tater is on the left, and Stella and her Gumby are on the right.


We would love to hear your Luca For Dogs story!  Please send stories to Annie at  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's better for my pup...Lounge or Nest?

It is important to be informative when choosing a super special sleeping spot for your pup.  Designer dog beds, like the Luca Lounge and Luca Nest, are two of our top selling beds, but which one should is best for your pup, and you?  Here is a simple comparison to help you make the best choice. 

Lounge Bed versus Nest Bed

  • Rectangle (fits nicely against a flat wall) OR Round (perfect for corners or a central location
  • Lounge includes a water-resistant Liner, Nest does not. (nice for dogs that piddle, drool, etc.)
  • Easy-wash removable "sheet" cover- the original Luca beds (rectangle, orthopedic, and lounge), all have removable covers that fit like sheets for quick changing.  The best part is getting extra covers for convenience and a brand new look!
  • Colors and Style- the Nest can add a nice pop of color to a room with the prints available on the outer bolster.  Lounge is a little more sophisticated and neutral, with solid colors on the outer bolster.  
  • Curler versus Stretcher- If you dog loves to curl, the Nest might be the best choice.  If your dog thinks of his/her bed as their palace, then the Lounge offers a nice large space to stretch and lounge. 
  • Center Inner Pillows- Both have pillows that will maintain shape, due to the channeled pillow in the lounge, and the four separate pillows in the Nest.
  • Large Dog-Small Dog- We recommend the Lounge for super-size dogs, and the Nest for teeny weeny dogs.  Medium and all dogs in between, take your pick!
  • Washing- Nest is slightly more time consuming to wash, but both have removable zippered covers and are 100% washable. 
  • Price- Nest is less slightly less expensive than the Lounge.
  • Replacement Parts- available for both beds. 
Both the Lounge and Nest have incredible washing features, stylish designs, beautiful high quality fabrics, so you really can't go wrong here.  We hope this list helps you narrow down your choices, and your pup is soon snoozing away in his/her new Luca bed.  Visit us on our website to see all of our styles, colors, and prices.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Absolute favorite FALL beds!

It’s a super exciting time here at Luca Headquarters.   In my opinion, change is always a good thing, and the changing seasons are no exception!   The crisp cool air, warm earthy colors, and the pups seem to be enjoying a little less heat.  We have been planning fall fashions for over 6 months, and FINALLY, the leaves are a fallin’!   

Here are a few of our absolute favorite beds for fall...

If you love earthy warm colors, you will definitely love the new Solids, available in both the popular Luca Nest and the NEW Crate Cuddler.  For a tweed textured look, check out our new Oyster and Cobblestone, both represent the warm collared sweater look for fall.

We love the Luca Nest for its cozy bolster wrap-around, and triangular center pillows that keep fiber in its rightful place.   The NEW Crate Cuddler is seriously our most prized possession right now.  Crate training has never been more comfortable with our extra wide bolster, and soft orthopedic center pillow.  I love how lightweight this bed is, which also makes it a perfect travel bed.    

Does your pup just sink into the super plush cuddle fabrics, and wouldn’t expect anything less?  Try out the Luca Nest and Crate Cuddler in our Luca Chinchlla fabrics.
After Labor Day Sale is now on.  All Solid Luca Nests are 20% off, yeah we said it!