Monday, February 14, 2011

Sneak Peak at Spring Fabrics

It’s my favorite time of year again at Luca headquarters. There is nothing more exciting than adding new fabrics to our current collection. The process takes several months and is never easy, but so much fun! It takes a lot of staring, many wardrobe changes, and then one day, the decision is final.

Criteria for choosing a pattern that is simple, sensible, and stylish:

1.) Must look stunningly gorgeous, regal enough to display, or just plain adorable.

2.) Preferably goes well with more than one lounge bolster. I love to mix and match. It's what Luca beds are all about.

3.) Washable and dryable fabrics are a must! Nothing more to say there.

Let the preview begin...
Here are a few of my personal favorites. Could you see any of these patterns in your home? Would your precious pooch look gorgeous on one of these beds? I really think they're fabulous, but I have enough dog beds, so what do YOU think?

Name That Print
Do you have a special talent for naming fabric? What feelings do these fabrics stir up in you? We would love to boast about your creative names, so please share.


surendra said...

wow lovely Fabric and nice looking. Great idea and fantastic your recently post . amazing details shared in the post .thanks

Romantic Dinner Bruges

Owner, Luca For Dogs said...

Thanks, Surendra. All of the new fabrics will be available in the next few weeks. Appreciate the comment.

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