Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three pups share their Luca beds

Customer reviews are all the craze these days.  Who buys anything without first doing an extensive search to see what people are saying about the product.  As a manufacturer/retailer, we put hours of work into designing our beds, and there is nothing better than hearing your feedback, and of course, seeing the pups on their Luca beds.  

 This month's highlight comes from Diane Enroughty of Richmond, VA. 

"I have three Luca For Dog beds and my dogs love them! Here I am working in my home office ( image below).  For some reason Elka, the German Shepherd, thinks that the small flat crate pad/bed is hers :). Her sister the white Chihuahua  is also in the bed.  They love their beds!"

 Thank you, Diane, for sharing your pups with us.  You have an awesome pack! 
Shoot your dog(s) on their Luca beds, and give us a holler at sales@lucafordogs.com.  We can't wait to see them! 
For more information on the beds featured in the above photos, here are the links: 
Studio Mat (no longer available, but check out our new Crate Cuddlers!


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