Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Overcoming fear, one Pit at a time...

My heart melts every time I see a pit bull.  I can’t help but get a closer look each time I walk past one on the street.   13 years ago, I was terrified of them.  I was actually terrified of most dogs.  I was attacked as a child by a Chow, and later in life working as a Social Worker in South Los Angeles, was no stranger to the Pit Bull breed.  I’m not a fan of fear, so it’s no surprise that 13 years ago I adopted a little pitty named Sophie from the South LA shelter, and later a Chow mix named Louise.  In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month, it is my privilege to share about the breed and dog that taught me how to love animals.  

From being frightened of dogs to adopting the most notorious breed, and then later starting a dog bed company, it does have a bit of a full circle effect.  There are just some dogs that have that effect on you.  Sophie is a play hard, rest even harder kind of a dog, which is how Luca For Dogs was started.   She is the entire reason I had to create dog beds that looked good, cleaned up nicely, and were overstuffed with super soft pillows.  She is Luca For Dogs.  
She could never wait for her bed to be washed.

 Today she is 12, but walks like she’s at least 17.  If she was any other breed, she would not be here with us today.  Two knee surgeries, tons of hard play bumps and bruises, and two dog attacks, have landed her at the vet too many times to remember.  You’ve heard of the “stoic” pit bull attitude, well she has it times ten.  Her will and mental strength, not her muscular body anymore, are what keeps her going.   She is my heart and soul.  I know she came to me for a reason, and that reason was to change people’s attitudes about the breed, and to teach me how to love dogs.   

There is a little pitty waiting to be loved at your local shelter, adoption agency, and rescue.  Find one today and give it all the love you have.  They will give it back tenfold.  

Kimi Proffer
Owner, Luca For Dogs


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