Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chicago English Bulldogs and their Luca story


There is honestly nothing better at Luca Headquarters than hearing stories from our customers.  These two pups are so awesome side by side enjoying their Luca Lounge Beds.  Thank you for sending in your story! 


By Casey Flaherty, Chicago, IL


My husband and I have 2 English Bulldogs, Tater and Stella.  Tater is the oldest, and one day, thanks to him, we discovered Luca beds.  Several years ago we took him to a local dog supply store, he found the Luca beds in the back, got up on his hind legs, put his paws on one, then looked up at us, as if asking for it.  We didn’t buy it that day, but the next time we were back in the same store he did the exact same thing.  We just had to buy it for him.  He loved it so much – it was the first bed he had that we didn’t come home to find destroyed and strewn all across our living room. 



A few years later, we adopted his sister Stella from the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue.  We ordered her a Luca bed before we even met her to welcome her into our home.  Of course we had to get Tater a matching one as well so he wouldn’t feel left out.  They both love the beds so much and sleep in them all the time – we always take them with us when we travel and they sometimes opt to sleep in their Luca beds over our human bed with us! 

Above is a photo a photo of our bullies in their matching beds.  

Tater is on the left, and Stella and her Gumby are on the right.


We would love to hear your Luca For Dogs story!  Please send stories to Annie at  


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