Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's better for my pup...Lounge or Nest?

It is important to be informative when choosing a super special sleeping spot for your pup.  Designer dog beds, like the Luca Lounge and Luca Nest, are two of our top selling beds, but which one should is best for your pup, and you?  Here is a simple comparison to help you make the best choice. 

Lounge Bed versus Nest Bed

  • Rectangle (fits nicely against a flat wall) OR Round (perfect for corners or a central location
  • Lounge includes a water-resistant Liner, Nest does not. (nice for dogs that piddle, drool, etc.)
  • Easy-wash removable "sheet" cover- the original Luca beds (rectangle, orthopedic, and lounge), all have removable covers that fit like sheets for quick changing.  The best part is getting extra covers for convenience and a brand new look!
  • Colors and Style- the Nest can add a nice pop of color to a room with the prints available on the outer bolster.  Lounge is a little more sophisticated and neutral, with solid colors on the outer bolster.  
  • Curler versus Stretcher- If you dog loves to curl, the Nest might be the best choice.  If your dog thinks of his/her bed as their palace, then the Lounge offers a nice large space to stretch and lounge. 
  • Center Inner Pillows- Both have pillows that will maintain shape, due to the channeled pillow in the lounge, and the four separate pillows in the Nest.
  • Large Dog-Small Dog- We recommend the Lounge for super-size dogs, and the Nest for teeny weeny dogs.  Medium and all dogs in between, take your pick!
  • Washing- Nest is slightly more time consuming to wash, but both have removable zippered covers and are 100% washable. 
  • Price- Nest is less slightly less expensive than the Lounge.
  • Replacement Parts- available for both beds. 
Both the Lounge and Nest have incredible washing features, stylish designs, beautiful high quality fabrics, so you really can't go wrong here.  We hope this list helps you narrow down your choices, and your pup is soon snoozing away in his/her new Luca bed.  Visit us on our website to see all of our styles, colors, and prices.


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