Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Ideas: Make It Personal

Since it’s holiday time, I couldn’t resist but talk about a few of my favorite things this year. In traditional Luca Style, they are all practical with a fabulous design twist.

Personalized Doggy Stamp

First, I love, love, love this personalized doggy stamp. You send in a picture of your pooch and it is transformed into a stamp for all your mailings. So many of our homes revolve around our four-legged family members, so give them a little more respect with their very own stamp. Stamping also saves on the hassle of making labels, which I seem to be scrambling around doing too much of the time.

To order, contact Laura Taylor at http://www.laurataylorstationary.com/ or email westport11@aol.com.

Modern Dog Gift Tags

Give your gifts a little pizzazz (did I just say “pizzazz”?) with these Modern Dog gift tags. You print and cut them out, my favorite part. Anything that’s easy, I love. I’m not the best at it, but when I receive a gift with a little extra love put into the wrapping, it does make it extra special. D.I.Y. Holiday Gift Tags are featured in The Modern Dog Magazine.


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