Monday, December 13, 2010

Runaway Train

Most people who find out I have a business selling dog beds say, jokingly, “one day you just decided to start a dog bed business?” I usually say, seriously, “yeah, pretty much.” Then I proceed, with as few words as possible, to explain the actual reason why I dove into this little business of dog beds (not so little it turned out).

Why Dog Beds?

I began sewing sheets for my dogs’ beds about 5 years ago after realizing that I needed a cover that was easy to wash. It was a runaway train from there. Seriously, I couldn't get this fabulous idea out of my head. Slowly, I began to take it to the next level, over and over and over again, until Luca For Dogs was born.

People who know me know that I can become a little obsessed when I really want something. In my early twenties, it was a red jeep wrangler, and now in my thirties it’s dog beds. (With two kids in between.)

I honestly cannot live without my dog bed sheets, and that’s why I started Luca. I love my home, but I'm definitely not obsessed with cleaning it. I just appreciate when something makes my life a little easier. If you appreciate a beautiful home, don’t enjoy the thought of washing your dog beds, and most importantly, love your precious pets, you will appreciate Luca dog beds.

To read more about the background of Luca For Dogs, see our latest fabrics, and the dog who inspired the company, visit our website.

Above: Our most popular bed and fabric - Chocolate Lounge/Daisy Dots Cover.


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